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Go Tennessee Style: Try Barbecue Meat with Nashville Barbecue Sauce

Meat lovers cannot deny the fact that barbecue meat is the best enjoyed finger food and gourmet meal in the USA. If you are a barbecue hound, then you may want to learn more about the best regional barbecue styles in the southern part of America. Whether it is the Memphis style ribs or the pulled barbequed pork with Nashville Barbecue sauce, the popular Tennessee barbecue foods stand atop the list.



When it comes to the popular Nashville Barbecue sauce, many meat lovers just start to salivate. That truly means something. If you want to try the barbecue style of Tennessee, then using this special sauce is a must. Whether or not you are a barbecue sauce lover, you will certainly want to try this once. This unique sauce has a unique sweet and savory taste with a hint of spice and tang from the lemon zest used in the making of this sauce. In addition, the sauce also has a smokiness that complements any types of barbecue meat.




Making the sauce:


For making three cups of Nashville BBQ sauce, you will need:

• 2 cups ketchup

• 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

• 6 to 8 tablespoons fresh lemon juice (from 3 to 4 lemons)

• 2 tablespoons molasses

• 1-1/2 teaspoons liquid smoke

• 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

• 2 teaspoons dry mustard

• 1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar

• 1 teaspoon grated lemon zest

• 1 teaspoon onion powder


Start by combining the sugar, ketchup, lemon juice, and molasses, liquid smoke, pepper, and Worcestershire sauce, mustard, and onion powder in a medium saucepan. Whisk slowly and allow the dry and wet ingredients to incorporate thoroughly. Simmer over medium heat and allow the mixture to thicken gradually. Allow the mixture to cool down before storing it in a glass jar.



This sauce goes well with all kinds of Tennessee style BBQ meat dishes. However, it tastes fantastic with the Memphis style Pork ribs. You can either choose the wet or dry ribs based on your preference. The wet ribs, doused with the classic Nashville barbecue sauce and red sauce are some of the most iconic BBQ dishes in Tennessee. While the traditional Nashville sauce is thick in nature, the red Memphis sauce is more tomato-and-vinegar with a little runny consistency. Apart from the ribs, Tennessee style BBQ dishes also include a range of other choices including smoked bologna, pulled pork, and beef briskets. Each of these Tennessee BBQ dishes has a unique taste with the purest wood-smoked aroma.



Tennessee Style Barbecue

Barbecue in Tennessee

Tennessee is known for some of the best foods around. One style of food that Tennessee is famous for is their style of barbecue. They have their on style of barbecuing. They use different spices, sauces and cooking techniques to cook their delicious tender meat. Here is a few examples of the spices and techniques they use to achieve the best flavor in their barbecue. Nashville Tennessee Style barbecue is the most well known for the sweet flavors is offers in the sauce. 
Most of the sauces used on the meat to barbecue are homemade. Different people use a variety of spices to reach the boldest flavors for their sauce. Here are some ingredients that would be used in the sauces that make the sauces unique. Dark brown sugar, honey, Worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke, cayenne pepper, orange juice, dark molasses, whiskey, tomato puree and cider vinegar.
Nashville Style barbecue has more of a sweet tomato-based sauce than the Memphis Style. This sauce is best known to be used when barbecuing chicken. When barbecuing ribs, the same sauce is used, they just add a bourbon or whiskey to give it a less sweet taste and more smokey flavor. This gives the sauce a hint of sweet but also a tangy smoke flavor that will satisfy your taste buds.
The ingredients in the sweet sauce are: ketchup, firmly packed brown sugar, fresh lemon juice, grated lemon zest, molasses, Worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke, dry mustard, onion powder and ground black pepper. One way of making tender Nashville Style barbecue is slow cooking the meat for 18 hours on 250 degrees after rubbing with a dry rub and then adding sauce on meat or in meat throughout the time to add flavor. Most Nashville Style barbecue is cooked over an open grill using mesquite wood. This will give the barbecue a sweet and smokey flavor. The wood flavor is cooked into the meat and the sauce, when drizzled over meat after cooking, will give the tangy sweet flavor.
Another style of barbecue is the Memphis Style barbecue. This style of barbecue has a bold tangy flavored sauce. Memphis style barbecued ribs are known as the dry rib. Take a rack of baby back ribs or spareribs cover with a dry rub. These ribs are smoke-cooked on a smoker or in a smoker. After the meat is cooked, lightly sprinkle with dry rub again before serving.
The Memphis Style barbecue is served with a thin, tangy, tomato-and-vinegar-based sauce — on the side that will add the bold mouth watering flavor to your ribs or also to any choice of meat. This style does not have a sweet flavor like the Nashville Style. Memphis Style barbecue is usually cooked without any sauces just a dry rub and then the sauce is added after cooking.

Tennessee Barbecue is Delicious…and it’s all in the Sauce and Rub

There is nothing better than sitting down and enjoying an amazing barbecue that has been prepared Tennessee style. Tennessee barbecue’s unique style is simply delicious. You gotta understand the sauce and rub right in order to reflect the Tennessee grilling style. Our sauce is much different than a sauce you may find across the country and the rub is the trick to pure edible joy. We like it sweet and salty.


Sweet is the Key

We like to use rubs that are laced in chocolate. Our taste stands alone. That’s right, you know the southern hospitality that jumps off the plate and makes everyone from all over the world want to sit down and eat just about anything that has been barbecued.


You’ll find that any Tennessee style barbecued food is rich in flavor. Tennessee people love their chicken, their beef, and just about any meat for that matter to be sweet and grilled to perfection.


Most sauces contain both a sweet and salty taste.This comes from unique ingredients you’ll find in most sauces. One of the key ingredients this state loves to add to their barbecue sauce along with molasses is chili sauce. And is it ever good. And there’s more. If you add in some onion,vinegar and salt you have yourself a base for perfection. Other than that if you want to be a true Tennessee griller just make it sweeter and sweeter.


This is the thing you have to remember. Sweet is the key. So the more sugar you add to your sauce base the better it will be in reflecting a Tennessee barbecue bash. The rub is the same. If you keep these simple tips in mind making sure you include molasses and vinegar along with being extra sweet you will have a perfect sauce for that hog, chicken, turkey or cut of beef you are craving already. The possibilities are endless but the taste is award winning and is a favorite across the nation. Tennessee barbecue style is unique, sweet and exceptional. That’s why people come from all over to taste this down to earth like no other goodness. It’s exceptional and like no other.


About Tennessee Barbecue

Because Tennessee hosts the largest barbecue competition in the world, it’s safe to say that barbecue is an important component in the regional cuisine of that state. Many parts of the country have their own specific variations of barbecue, and Tennessee is no exception. The city of Memphis itself has several distinct barbecue styles and contains over 100 barbecue restaurants. Barbecue aficionados frequently agree that Memphis puts out the best barbecue on the planet.

Traditional Tennessee barbecue frequently features smoked pork and is served either pulled or as ribs. Pulled pork is simply meat that has been pulled apart either using a special culinary tool or two forks. Most Tennessee barbecue is created using a dry rub and served with a separate side dish of barbecue sauce. People find that barbecue made using dry rubs is easier to eat than that coated in messy sauces. Ingredients used in in rubs contain paprika, onions, cumin, pepper, garlic and other spices. Many restaurants have their own secret rubs that they divulge to no one except the most trustworthy of their employees. However, spices and sauces alone are not what gives Tennessee barbecue its superior flavor. Accomplished Memphis barbecue chefs know that starting with the best possible cuts of meat and cooking them low and slow are both essential for the creation of world-class barbecue.Tennessee barbecue sauce also has a unique flavor. It’s normally thinner than most of the specialty sauces of other regions and somewhat sweeter, although it’s also noted for a pronounced tang. Made from tomatoes, vinegar and a myriad of herbs and spices, most Tennessee barbecue sauces contain many “mystery ingredients.” Barbecue sauces that are passed down through the generations frequently have ingredient lists that are kept under lock and key to prevent them from being used by others.

Memphis BBQ Traditions

Nearly every home cook in the world has a barbecue recipe that they swear will blow the socks off anyone who eats it. In Tennessee, this BBQ often goes by the name of Memphis-style barbeque. Several restaurants in the city gained game across the country, and Pat and Gina Neely even earned a cooking show thanks to the success of their restaurant Neely’s.

Memphis barbecue typically involves pork, but some restaurants and chefs use chicken or beef. The chefs stick to pork shoulders and pork ribs, which both have a thick texture that holds up well to slow cooking. Memphis-style barbecue also relies on a tomato-based sauce, which is sometimes sweetened with the addition of brown or white sugar. When tomatoes are in season, they add a natural sweetness to the sauce, and that sweetness mingles nicely with the smoky flavor from the cooking process.

You can choose two different types of cooking when it comes to Tennessee barbecue: dry or wet cooking. Chefs who prefer wet cooking mix their favorite sauce together and keep a pan next to the grill or stove. The meat gets a coating of the sauce before going on the grill, and the chef adds additional coats during the cooking process. Some chefs even add an extra coating before bringing the meat to the table, which gives the meat a sweet taste and moist texture.

Dry cooking uses a spice rub as the first step in the cooking process. The cook mixes together paprika, salt, pepper, garlic and a mixture of other ingredients. You rub the spices deep into the meat before cooking, and some chefs even let the meat seat for a few hours to impart more flavor into each bite.

Attending a true Tennessee BBQ is a unique experience. Most cooks bring additional dishes of sauce to the table, which lets diners decide how wet or dry they like their meat. For an extra special touch, cooks serve the meat with side dishes like fresh corn on the cob, potato salad and coleslaw with extra napkins for cleaning up.

Why Tennessee BBQ, and Why Now

It is true that there are many, maybe millions, of web pages about barbecue, but there are not so many about the fine art of the southern BBQ styles, and specifically the ones in the state of Tennessee. We thought it could be a fun idea to focus on this proud southern tradition, the cooking methods and some ideas for fine BBQ parties in this small blog, and hopefully it will give some of you out there good ideas.

We are no experts in cooking barbecues, we simply like it and think it is a good idea to share some of this information with other BBQ enthusiasts around the net.

So here is to barbecue and Tennessee, two great things!